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Circular Fluorescent Tubes - Fluorescent Light

What is the Definition of Diameter

You will find a number of different diameter tubes available with fluorescent lighting, and these are going to correspond to the different base types. The medium bi-pin base is going to work with the T8 and T12 types of tubes. These are usually going to be between 1’ and 5’ long. If they are T12, they will have a 1.5” diameter, and if they are T8, they are going to have a 1” diameter. The “T” stands for tubular shape.
The single pin base also uses the T12 and T8 diameter tubes. In some cases, you may hear these referred to as slim line lamps. You are generally going to find these diameters and base styles on the lamps that are between 4’ and 8’ long. The recessed double contact base is usually for the high current output lamps, and these are generally for cold working environments. Another of the common diameters that you will see is the T6, which is ¾” in diameter.